Taking care of the site takes too much time, which can be spent on vacation with the family in nature, a picnic or other pleasant activities. Your own tractor will help you automate your gardening work and save you a lot of time. While choosing also take into account the dimensions and power characteristics of the tractor.

Where To Start Selecting a Tractor?

For garden work, there are many, both universal and specialized models. Any average mini-tractor can be attached equipment, turning it into a functional and reliable assistant.

The main types of hinge that will be used in the garden:

  • Rotary mowing;
  • Chain mower;
  • Buckets.

The owner of a mini tractor can equip it with one of two types of mowers: rotary or chain.

The first type has a simple mechanism and consists of rotary mechanisms. It is an effective tool for clearing thickets and weeds from the garden. Right, it is recommended to use it on a flat surface so as not to damage the rotors.

The chain type is significantly different from the rotary one. It works on the scissor principle and usually consists of two cutting parts. One of their parts is tightly fixed in one position, and the second moves in different directions, effectively mowing the grass.

Special Garden Tractors

There are also specialized garden models. They are machines with pre-installed, powerful mowers, adjustable height and large collectors. The mechanism of disposal of cut grass can be configured not only for collection, but also for discharge.

Garden mini tractors have an advantage over lawn mowers of different capacities, because they allow you to work on large areas. The dimensions of the tractor will protect the lawn and trees from damage.

Garden equipment will be appreciated by utilities, owners of country houses and large private lands.