As a rule, you need to trim the hooves in the spring, after the stall period. During the summer, they grind on their own. Before trimming the hooves, the goat needs to be fixed. From this point of view, it can hardly be attributed to this procedure. First you need to clean the surface of dirt. We have a hook.

One that is commonly used in horse hoof trimming. You can carry out this procedure with ordinary scissors. I do not recommend the knife, as you can harm both the goat and yourself. It is better to soak a very hard hoof. You can use a bucket or pan with a warm solution of copper sulfate. You don’t need to pour a lot, just so that the hoof is wet.

Then easy to clean and cut. After the hoof is relatively clean, you can proceed to the pruning procedure. To do this, it is best to use a special hoofed knife. When pruning, a part of the hoof wall is cut. It is necessary to cut slowly, in layers, so as not to injure the animal. Better to start from the heel to the toe. The hoof can be rotten, all this must be cut.

You need to trim the hooves to a pinkish surface, then you can’t do further – there are already blood vessels. As a result, you should get a smooth and even sole, a soft center along with a solid part. After the whole procedure, the hooves can be washed with warm water and soap.