Tomatoes need to be collected regularly, every 3-5 days. Thus, the fruits will not overripe and there will be the possibility of rapid ripening of fruits that still remain on the bush. The main features of picking tomatoes include:

  1. It must be remembered that even green tomatoes need to be harvested before the period when the average daily temperature drops to around 11 degrees Celsius. Since, if you pick green tomatoes at lower temperatures, they will ripen poorly and slowly. Fruits that were picked at a temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius may begin to rot in a few days.
  2. The most acceptable option is to pluck all the fruits when they have reached the size of the variety. When tomatoes are still only brown in color, they can ripen qualitatively in rooms with good ventilation and an air temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 85%. For quick ripening, tomatoes can be hayed and stored with ripened fruits.
  3. This is because ethylene will be released, which will contribute to a more rapid ripening of the fruit. To prevent the tomatoes from being chased, they can be wrapped in newspapers. Also, for rapid ripening, tomatoes need to be heated. To do this, they need to be immersed in warm water (60 degrees). In order for the tomatoes to have a bright color, they need to be kept in the light.
  4. If you need tomatoes to ripen faster, then you need to increase the room temperature to 30 degrees Celsius. Also, rapid maturation contributes to an increase in the amount of ethylene in the room. It should be remembered that tomatoes are wrinkled at high temperatures and quickly affect fungal diseases.
  5. In most late tomato varieties, the fruits do not have time to ripen before the cold nights, so they need to be picked in a completely green form. Such tomatoes, even when ripe, will have a sour taste.

Tomatoes belong to those vegetables that require regular clipping of ripened fruits. If this is not done, then ripe fruits can begin to rot and infect still green tomatoes. This is due to the fact that tomatoes quickly ripen and are quickly affected by various fungal diseases, especially in wet weather. Therefore, you need to regularly pick tomatoes. In this case, you need to rip off fully matured and partially mature. You also need to pluck tomatoes that have begun to rot or become infected with late blight. This is done in order to stop the infection of other fruits.